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To every context, a saying


For every numerator, there is a denominator to be divided by


If my numerator and my denominator were the same


I would be divided by myself to become one that cannot be divided and hence disappear


This perfection in nothingness with the absence of infinity and creation


This mask has two eyes


An eye for you and an eye to watch on you


An eye through which we observe our defaults


The other is no longer yours!


This mask has a mouth, that speaks but silence


It is a bizarre mask yet one that is closer to the heart


You might ask how can love and hate be both represented in one face


Is this illogical calculation the pillow of art?


“The braids of the princess were untangled by some thrilling wind”


This mask is for this emptiness


For me and for you


To disappear behind it and around it, and time bestows itself upon us


Nothing will separate us


Nothing shall unite us but letters


The lightness of (fā’ in Arabic Alphabet) and the nostalgia of (ḥā’ in Arabic Alphabet) to Aleppo


The necessity of (ḍād in Arabic Alphabet) and the silence of (ṣād in Arabic Alphabet)


As if they are from us, and we had enough tiredness, enough reproach


They are like names describing their adjectives


No immigration to the past


Immigration is a future verb with only nostalgia as a motive to carry us on, as memories


Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Photography - Science Fiction



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