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The Black Mouhamad 4_edited.jpg

 ..... this transition was a lesson in limitations; in other words, how can we express a particular goal using a work that is full of images and colors, as well as video and audio – in fact, there were real plants and sh in some of the works - to express with one simple wire woven by hand and a mere pliers, this all manifested into a piece call Black Mohamed;... Reed More


The Black Mouhamad_edited.jpg
Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Arist

The Black Mohammad


Mohammad Al Aswad, “Guevara Gaza,” was a leader of the Front in Gaza. Born on January 6, 1946, he joined the Arab Nationalist Movement at an early age and continued into the PFLP with its founding. He was martyred in a fierce battle with occupation forces on March 9, 1973.


The Black Mohammad is a boat built out of metal wires, which means it cannot possibly float in any sea, except the sea of art. This boat takes Mohammad on a fictional journey back to the 1950s, when he made a boat and went to Cuba and supported the revolution. He and Che Guevara arrived to Havana on the same day. The Black Mohammad is an attempt to reconstruct the left in Palestine, and to highlight the strength that still lingers in people’s minds; this need for revolution became even more necessary, especially after the Gaza flotilla was attacked in 2010, leaving nine Turkish activists dead.


Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Sculpture - Science Fiction


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