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Join us with this experimental art project where you can be part of a mysterious creation by sending a picture of yourself or an icon that

you'd like to present in these chapters: 

Love. War Bashar & You

This game is based on the science of numerology combining your name and the number of the chapter you selected with the date you sent the picture. 



Select a picture of yourself or your icon. 


Write the name or your icon name.


Select the chapter.


1 = Love 2 = War  3 = Bashar 4 = You


K a f k a



E d w a r d   S a i d


L  o  v  e


W  a  r

5+1+9=15= 6

B a s h a r

2+1+1+8+1+9= 22

Y  o  u


Bashar Solo 22.jpg
Photolife Club copy_edited.jpg

"A photo of a closed window does not mean the window is closed we can open it in the photo"



Along with other means of artistic expression, he uses photography either as such or in the form of collage to produce composite images or environments. His diverse photographic and film experiments are organized around the concept of ‘Photolife’ that reflects the many possible ways of using photography (e.g. in the area of personal and collective memory or that of dreams and projections into a future space and time well away from the unbearable constraints experienced by today’s Palestine).



Catherine David

Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Photography 


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