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Here is the geography of the prehistoric, a geographic trip along the palm of life illustrating Earth's history and the mystery of Palestine. I base my statement on the sacred book from a time older than the old, on the book Sahih Darwish, and astrology, the science fiction physiognomy of the hand of life and the reading of her palm. Herewith I explain that Palestine is a triangle drawn by the fourth line “the line of war” on life's palm, a cradle of human civilization since eternity and a truth for the center of the universe.

Palmystery / By Lara Khaldi


The map of Palestine is grafted into our palms - The “Great Triangle,” lines claimed to have formed as an outcome of a war between Venus (the Life Line) and Jupiter (the Mind line). Palmystry is usually practiced to read the future, but Wafa Hourani uses it to reread the past and attempt a slight change in history. He proposes that we carry this war in the palms of our hands, that geography is also in a sense inscribed in our bodies, and that the border lines of Palestine are actually universal, which makes it more than a mere map or form, but rather a site of struggle in our individual lives.


Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Science Fiction - Sculpture - Performance





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