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The Dimensions of Distance


In nature a river divides the borders between two countries; hence, a map is drawn of two banks for the geography to appear before history.  On the other hand, colonization graph military borders for history to reappear before geography.  Exhibiting history before geography supposes a realistic proposition. Contrary to such objectified geography is a proposition based on nature, to formed universe imagination.  As if reality is war and nature is fiction.


The Arabic word (Boa’d)   carries many meanings;  it is the space that distances us from a certain point and the longing for it.  Secondly, it is the dimensions that measure the shapes, and awayness from it awayness. Also, it refers to a vision that is once insights to judge and investigates future realization.   In this series of artworks, titled "Boa’d," a variant precise description of a farness that distance us from the homeland and measure what is left from territories and identity. Boa'd narrate a genealogy of the historical map of Palestine up until today.  The art of crafting map criticizes the political image of maps and voice human suffering. It not only to shows a dark vision of a map of Palestine toward disappearance but to evoke the audience and engages them with an imminent sight of what remains and what are missing of Palestine map.  This artwork presents a detailed intimate insight into the meaning of a nonfunctional map, to predict the future of the land.


Today, the shape of the West Bank looks like a kidney, as it becomes the new map of Palestine the holy triangle disappeared within an occupation. A mixed media artwork, metal wires, and colorful silk threads weave the maps of the West Bank and Gaza strip on the canvas. There we see the Green Line separating historical Palestine, the West Bank, and Israel, like a wary face looking at the besieged Gaza Strip, missing the beach and the Galilee. The silk threads spread across the canvass, weaving  Palestinian cities, roads, and military checkpoints.  A  spider stitch demolished home


Notes: Some of the findings from my research include: 


The length for the metal wires and the silk threads that create this artwork is equal to the length of the historical map of Palestine.


The length of the separation wall is double the length of the green line.


The distance between the West Bank and Gaza Strip equal to the distance from the north to the south of Gaza.


The number of roads surroundings each Palestinian city is more than the roads that lead to the city. 


Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Installation - Science Fiction




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