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Here is the geography of the prehistoric, a geographic trip along the palm of life illustrating Earth's history and the mystery of Palestine. I base my statement on the sacred book from a time older than the old, on the book Sahih Darwish, and astrology, the science fiction physiognomy of the hand of life and the reading of her palm. Herewith I explain that Palestine is a triangle drawn by the fourth line “the line of war” on life's palm, a cradle of human civilization since eternity and the truth for the center of the universe.

Palmystery / By Lara Khaldi


The map of Palestine is grafted into our palms - The “Great Triangle,” lines claimed to have formed as an outcome of a war between Venus (the Life Line) and Jupiter (the Mind line). Palmystry is usually practiced to read the future, but Wafa Hourani uses it to reread the past and attempt a slight change in history. He proposes that we carry this war in the palms of our hands, that geography is also in a sense inscribed in our bodies, and that the border lines of Palestine are actually universal, which makes it more than a mere map or form, but rather a site of struggle in our individual lives.







I pray to God for you and me

If there was no alternative, then let the stars’ war begin

We fight back with all our might and dream,

Let the horses break free

As long as my present day is young, I redraw my past as I so desire,

not as it was

But rather as you taught me once, that which I want

That on this earth is something worthy of life on the plains of Mars

The beginning of love and the end of the war

April returns and Venus thinks about men.


Venus Said:

She was once called Palestine

Then she was called The Candle Triangle

My first sea settled between the ribs

My eyes blind in sorrow

I drowned, for lack of time

In the same yesterday and returns

I deviated off my hill on a path that bends

Bends for love until it straightens

A path where doubt shines white

Crossing life at the end of the forties

Carving its way along the plains of Mars

Leaving behind a sublime mark

Hurrying to meet the line of my head

Between my pinky and my ring fingers

And together we walk

Together along with the slope of my predicament

With the line of war, let’s draw Palestine

Deepening the red of the line

We branch out anew

Towards the beginning of the heart and the end of the war

We cross our sea with our blood, our third sea, our last

Do not stand between the sun and me

Between my pinky and ring fingers is the sun line

I am Venus and my blood color from my flower

My blood is my sea, my red sea, and the air


Do not stand between the sun and me

Or I shall expose the fear within and a sword

I will cut through the sky and seize the water

We branch out anew

Towards the beginning of love and the end of the war

Something worthy of life on the plains of Mars



Jupiter Said:

She was once called Palestine

Then she was called the City of The Second War

Fire, flames, burning

The eyes cried a spring and the sky rain

Holocaust extinguishers

Fire, flame, burning, water dissolving in blood

Palestine opened its gates and in its cradle

A house of the mourning of a death

From everywhere they came

Friend and foe

Abraham poured our coffee

Jerusalem offered a moon, going around with a basket full of dates a dinner

Dates from the sea of perfume

Perfume in the home of reward

Musk and amber and an elegy written in the font called Naskh

On her walls.

God is her witness and her poet

He gave her the name The Candle Triangle

An ancient olive tree full of branches

Decorated with light and tears

The tree of the birth of Jesus and of his death


Two banks in the river of my mind divided by the sun

And linked by my moon

My moon going around with a basket full of dates in the house of


Dates from the sea of perfume

My first sea the sea of my sun

My child my anxiety

The perfume killed the seahorse and my fish

The sea died and my child survived

I am Jupiter and I am to make my tomorrow as I so desire

Not as it was meant to be

I am to be, to be as I wish one day

The Galilee complexity is mine

my headache since my younger days

Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Sculpture - Science Fiction 


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