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wafa hourani
wafa hourani

Palestinian Martial Arts


Thirteen sculptures are made of rusty metal wires depicting men and women, built in life-sized proportions. They stand, while in the middle of throwing stones; a posture typically seen from the First Intifada of 1987, the sculptures were built to make a comparison with the Second Intifada 2001; a popular movement limited by stones (First Intifada) or a holy-war ideology abnormally invested in martyrdom (Second Intifada). The Second Intifada broke out with the most extreme and “unlimited violence”, with Israeli military invasions and curfews as well as divisions via the apartheid wall. Stone-throwing is the Palestinian form of self- defense, their martial art, like Karate for the Japanese, or Kung Fu for the Chinese, and Capoeira for the Brazilians.

Wafa Hourani - Palestinian Artist - Sculpture - Science Fiction

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