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wafa hourani
Wafa Hourani

A photo of A demolished building doesn't mean the building is dead, we can build it in the photo 



An interactive atmospheric mixed media three-dimensional installation model combining photography, sculpture, and architecture to portray ‘Gaza strip without electricity’, a playful technique to narrate human suffering, thousands of images from the archive and today of Gaza lifestyle and architecture, constructed from multiple layers to create and reflect the dark reality of today, this semi-dark model focuses on the humanitarian and living conditions in the Gaza Strip with the implications of the electricity crisis.

Sometimes it is easier to portray the suffering than to imagine it! If suffering is found and photographed, has become a painful reality preserved by history, especially that portraying it in a realistic and documentary manner, it may be useful in interpretation to some extent, but the documentary fact lacks a major component part to become an artwork or a novel and that is - the imagination - which has the duty to stimulate perception in different ways and stimulate insight and farsightedness in the scenes to become closer to the truth, this comparison could be an image of the ideal role of art in our human and social lives.


Be part of this project by sending your personal photo to be installed permanently in the artwork.

Saleh Bakri.jpg


The photos here show the Palestinian Actor Saleh Bakri visiting Gaza.


To visit Gaza; send your photo by following the below steps:

1) Stand or sit facing the camera and show your full body from head to toe.

2) Take the photo with the desired pose or send an old photo that shows your full body.



You can support by sharing this project with your friends. 
For more about the electricity crisis in Gaza and for donation please visit I C R C - For Arabic  click here 


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