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I wonder what was the need for humans through history to imagine a garden, what is the secret? Is it an impossible garden or just that disappearance which is the most essential part of our existence! 

A Sacrifice of Art  Against  the Gallery Domination 

Live Performance  /  Wadi Rum

11 : 11 

Can we fight with art or is it better for businesses to make art about the fight? I believe that strong and sharp images gain more chances to shape our perspective, something impossible to forget! Like, the invasion of your heart with an Israeli tank that night, your first kiss, or your Arabic teacher keeps wearing the same shirt.

I am inviting you to join my upcoming performance where we will burn together ( The Nostalgic Garden ) One of the artworks in my solo exhibition that was just canceled in Dubai, this is for the blinded eyes of the gallery to witness what they did to art and me, also for the X participants which they accepted the invitation without even sending a message before they take over or occupied my show. Shame on you! Maybe this fire will inspire you to make your coming works, you still have a month to prove that you understood what is contemporary art … Please, not a landscape or an olive tree this time, just make Art.

I devote the burning of my beloved piece -The Nostalgic Garden- for the young artists all over the globe, and the new generation in Palestine, to support each other and to liberate art from what's called ( old school ) - the censorship and the gang they created to limit and hide what art from Palestine might become without them - Sad but cheap! This is the first time to face them, alongside the conspiracy of art and the gallery domination in those dark days.


Let’s fight with Art: Opening  11/11/2021 / Sunset - Wadi Rum - Jordan.

Live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

11:11 / Make a wish for the new generation of Art

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Images carry a sense of becoming when they freeze a particular moment, yet the artistic element expresses itself through a disappearance of self-found within and without us, as though art was a refugee, not unlike when we seek refuge, it comes to us bearing the truth; especially when the limits of thought are enclosed by a hedge of responsibility. Is there a space beyond poetry and images where we can nurture our rights and illusions? I mean to emphasize the need for abstraction on the one hand, and inventing alternative ways to describe life and the future of expression, and how the content of art is a science that constantly reinvents itself to describe disappearance before accessing it on the other. If this disappearance was inevitable, then let secrets find themselves a grave, and for the grave let there be a witness, testifying to the very essence of mystery and the future of disappearance. So let us bury our secrets like we bury our martyrs, thus art becomes the cemetery of things; a sacred and eternal cemetery; the viewer keeps staring at the invisible in us, only to see his own secret; he exposes it to himself, and himself alone, whilst thinking of others’ secrets.

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Be part of this project by sending your personal photo to be installed permanently in the artwork.


The photos here show the Palestinian Actor Saleh Bakri visiting Gaza.


To visit Gaza; send your photo by following the below steps:

1) Stand or sit facing the camera and show your full body from head to toe.

2) Take the photo with the desired pose or send an old photo that shows your full body.

Deadline:  1 . Oct . 2021




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For more about the electricity crisis in Gaza and for donation please visit I C R C - For Arabic  click here 


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